Who We Are

Katrina Trist is a respected Autism Specialist and Developmental Educator with over a decade of experience in the field of autism

She has significant professional and personal understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) both as a teacher of children with ASD in mainstream classrooms and as a parent of a child with autism.

Katrina is a qualified and experienced teacher with the Department of Education Queensland.  She is a well known speaker at national autism conferences.

She has also received recognition for her efforts in the field of autism, with a Griffith University Academic Award – for her postgraduate studies at the Autism Centre of Excellence (ACE).

With offices in Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast Qld, Katrina supports families along the eastern seaboard of Australia.  She supports families through the NDIS process of applying, planning and attending meetings, along with the complexity of applying for plan reviews.

Katrina specialises in capacity building around complex behaviours and supporting life transition to school and into adult life.  Understanding & supporting girls on the spectrum is an area of passion and experience held by Katrina.


Katrina has first hand experience of autism, as a parent of a son who was diagnosed with ASD at the age of two. She successfully ran an Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) home-based program for three years, before advocating him through his mainstream school years.

As a mother, she has the unique perspective of understanding the impact on family life and as a teacher, knows how the school environment is able to support a child on the spectrum.

“My passion is to assist as many families as possible, in the right direction, by providing support and information about autism. My work aims to help families understand all elements of their child’s diagnosis and link them to the best services, funding and programs available”.

AutismSEA provides ongoing advocacy and assistance in navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).