At AutismSEA we see autism as a “different ability” not a disability.  Autism challenges a person’s ability to think, feel, interact with others and their environment.  It is a lifelong condition that begins at birth and stays through all stages of life.  Each person with autism is unique and different to every other, that is why it is described as a spectrum.

How Do We Advocate?

We focus on the person’s unique strengths, qualities and gifts.  Using these answers we begin to build a story that will support not what the person needs but what they desire to ensure that they live the best life they can imagine.

Advocating for families through the NDIS process is what we specialise in, discovering what the family requires to support their child’s dreams and future.  We specialise in assisting families to apply and navigate the NDIS system that is often new and foreign to many.

AutismSEA assists families to prepare for the best possible outcome when securing their plan.  We advise and ensure that the family use their funding to achieve the goals set out in each NDIS plan.  Often we are the voice in tackling challenging phases of the process, especially when a diagnosis is new or when the informal supports are exhausted.

What We Do

We provide assistance in gathering information and presenting at NDIS meetings with families.  We initiate stakeholder meetings with the family’s allied health team to provide guidance on achieving the person’s goals.  Guidance is provided to implement the plan including systems to manage the administration of the funding and ongoing advice on using the plan that fulfils each individual’s needs.  We mentor families in preparing for annual reviews and initiate internal reviews when required.