Supporting Families

AutismSEA is an autism advisory service offering support and information to families and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • Helping families understand all elements of their child’s diagnosis and advise on evidence based practices and programs suited to their child’s individual needs.
  • Advocating through the NDIS process and achieving the best outcome for each individual’s plan.
  • Linking families to the best services, programs and educational settings available for their child.
  • Assisting parents with both emotional support and accessing funding available to their family.
  • Assisting children with transition into and through the school environment.
  • Advising on curriculum issues and classroom modifications.
  • Supporting adults on the spectrum in achieving employment, successful relationships and social connections.
  • Personally understanding the emotional “rollercoaster” that autism brings to your family.

Our Story…

“We clearly remember the day we enter the sea of autism. Signs of a storm had been brewing on the horizon for a while and we hoped that, if we ignored them, they would blow away. With the word ‘autism’ delivered as its identity, the carefully planned, glorious visions of our son’s future were suddenly dragged away by the tide and large waves of reality crashed down upon us.

As we sailed the sea of the initial emotions of grief, loss and despair, we searched helplessly for somebody to direct us on the correct path to ‘curing’ our son’s ‘disease’.

However, we discovered something along the way – with the very grey and windy weather comes the enchantment of some very bright and sparkling moments. These days encouraged us to understand that our autism sea will never disappear but with guidance and support, the calm days are more frequent and bring glimmers of beauty that we would never have experienced without it.”